Juicy Couture Store To Open In Yorkdale Mall

Juicy Couture Invitation to BID

Bird By Juicy Couture

Here is some huge news for both people in contracting, and to all of you fashionistas. There will be a Juicy Couture Store opening in Yorkdale Mall come late May 2010. I found out about this hot new topic through PC Metal Fabrications who have been asked to bid on the 2,185 sq. foot space.

I’ve gone through all of the drawings, and this store is ging to look gorgeous. They are currently inviting industry leaders to bid on everything from Drywall, to ornamental metals, to fabrication, to painting, and electrical, and I’m crossing my fingers that I will get more involved on the project.

Drop me a comment if you are looking for details, and for the potential to bid, and I will be sure to relay the message on to Elder Jones Inc. The developers of the store.

Now my biggest concern is this…… Will they or will they not be carrying BIRD by Juicy Couture. Off the records I’m obsessed with all the cotton basics and their oversized proportions.

xoxo Dag Larsen