Starting in February every week, a new person will be chosen to be our pick of the week fashionista. This is an opportunity open to all readers, and is very simple. For your chance to be featured, all you have to do is email us a picture of yourself (a very fashionable picture of course) a quick blurb about yourself and your style, and tell us who your favourite style icon is and why. Send all of this to .

Of course fashion is different for everyone, and for a chance to be featured I want you all to think style from a stylists point of view. Follow these rules, and you are a total shoe in.

  • Following trends is not great style.
  • Mix and match high and low fashion, (Hermes vs. Hanes).
  • Dress for your body type, and stick to it.
  • Leaving the house without makeup should only be to pickup a newspaper on the doorstep.
  • Always throw in a splash of colour it brightens your mood, and instantly makes you happier. Let’s not think Funeral Fashion, or Functional Fashion, whether Exuberant Fashion with an edge and twist. YES yelllow is allowed.
  • When in doubt go Equestrian, or vintage YSL.

A winning picture should look something like this

Emilio Pucci Sweater, Domino Jeans, 1.5 inch manheels


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