Who Are We


Me on a Missoni Couch at Roche BoboisArt show in the Distillery District.

ConstructFashion is a humble little blog dedicated to different people, from different worlds, binding together and taking the most out of very different industries. My name is Dag Larsen and my life waivers between two very different worlds. During the day from 8-5 I work in Construction doing everything from accounting, to painting, and even roofing. ( I swear I have the pictures in imitation of Christ jeans to prove it), then at night I hit the town, be it Montreal, Toronto, New York, or Vegas, and meet with some of the greatest fashion heavy hitters, including designers, bloggers, musicians, and much more. I then write about hot new products, new brands, and exciting launches hosted by different PR firms from across Toronto, and abroad, so that all of you can have a peak at some of the latest trneds, and must haves. On weekends you will see me running around town with clients finding either the perfect dresses, whole new wardrobes, or creating an image that will withstand time, trends, and the harshest critics.

Living this double life isn’t always glamorous, and despite the attempts at the clothes trying to fool you, this blog is going to take you from construction sites, to runways, to concrete shows, and even a few PR showrooms, to show you what my life is all about.

I wouldn’t be lying if I told you all that my biggest goal is to eventually be coined “the Construction World’s Biggest Fashionista”. Now stay tuned for this bumpy ride of burly men in welding masks, to models in Missoni. You might even catch a glimpse of me in my workboots, getting down and dirty.

Happy reading. Dag Larsen


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