5 Fashion Blogs You Need to Know

With Blogs, and new websites popping up left right and centre, it is really difficult, and might I add time consuming to weed out the good from the bad. The glamorous, from the lacklustre, the crap from the creme de la creme.

As a stylist I rely on countless magazines, and basic websites like www.style.com for concepts, ideas and trends, however these five blogs  are a huge part of my fashion artillery.

www.iwantigot.com – Editor Anita Clarke gives readers the inside scoop on upcming brands, massive sales alerts, and shares with the world (specifically her base of 40,000+ readers a month) a sneak peak into her email inbox so none of us are left out. Always tweeting, and at every highliner fashion event this is one woman to watch, and a blog you simply cannot live without. Might I add she was the inspiration behind a dedicated blogger window of luxury department store Holt Renfrew only a few months ago. Congratulation Geekigirl

www.foryoursatisfashion.com – This singer song writer may be young, and new to the blogging world but his punk rock image, with a mix of high end pieces like Hermes Cuffs, and Jeremy Scott runners make him an edgy fashionista. His blog brings you behind the scenes of fashion parties, and events throughout Toronto, and his use of photoshop gives readers magazine worthy ads of his favourite must haves. Look to him to learn about trends, and noveau pieces to instantly update you wardrobe. Might I add he’s topping the blogger charts on twitter with over 6,000 followers.

www.finalfashion.ca – This Illustrator fashionista lets you into her world of whimsical drawings, adn fantasy fashion. Timid, and petite, this “NOT TO IN YOUR FACE” blogger illustrates all things fashion, and has recently launched a book of paper dolls. It’s a great classic, and the perfect present for that birthday girl, or boy who has everything, and still wants more.

www.bryanboy.com Bryanboy has pretty much been plastered on everything from Vogue Nippon, to Teen Vogue, to countless newspapers in Asia, America, and Europe. An infamous front row face at New York Fashion week, and muse to Marc Jacobs this blogger makes the third world the chicest place to be. Trotting around in Rad Hourani, Chanel jackets, and Birkin bags, his blog is the best in crass, over the top high glamour. From behind the scenes at Dolce and Gabbanna, to pictures wandering the streets he is by far the fashion world’s guiltiest pleasure. Highlights of his career include a Marc Jacobs bag named after him, a seat at Fashion week next to Anna Wintour, and a closet better then a socialites. Well Daphne Guiness is still hard to beat, but you get the point.

www.opheliasfuneral.blogspot.com – This Toronto photographer snapped a picture of me at the sustainable fashion show R4Fashion, and since that I have been hooked on her blog. Beautiful pictures of streets, nature, and of course beautiful people (HELLO SHE FEATURED ME AFTER ALL) this is one blooming blog that has potential to be the next big thing.

Happy Reading Everyone

Dag Larsen

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