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Binding Two Worlds Together!

Lucian Matis

Front Row at Lucian Matis F/W 09

Hello Everyone,

As some of you may already know my name is Dag Larsen, and back in 2009, I started a humble little blog called DL styling. As much as I love fashion, the industry, the advertising, and of course the shopping, I felt like I was leaving people out of the loop on what my life is all about.

The truth is, I’m kind of a double agent if you will. From 8-5 Monday through Friday I work in the construction industry doing everything from accounting, to roofing, to painting, to deliveries, and on evenings and weekends I am Dag Larsen personal, and editorial stylist. It sounds totally obscure when I tell people this, however it is my life, and it is a life that I love. A divided passion if you will.

Now I’m taking a giant leap of faith, abandoning DL styling, and starting new and fresh, with one goal.


This blog will teach you about builders, developers, and suppliers in construction, and then I will show you what couture my construction money is buying me. I’ll bring you all behind the closed doors of events like the World Of  Concrete show in Las Vegas, then to the PR showrooms of great designers from Toronto, to Montreal, to New York, and maybe on the scenes of a new construcion site.

Stay tuned for the twists and turn, and total maddening tribulations that are my life as a double agent

Dag Larsen

“The construction world’s Biggest Fashionista”

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